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Pets perspective

This was really fun to draw, have a go filling a page with pets! In this picture, the pets towards the top of the page are smaller. This is an example of drawing ... source

Pets as Family

Do you consider your pets as part of the family? Only feed them organic food, or pamper them with luxury products? Do you treat your pet like you would a child, ... source

Pet monkey babies

Warning....... Monkeys are not good pets. Yes, some can be quite sweet for a time, but the reality is that monkeys are capable of causing too much harm and ... source

Pet Preparedness

During an emergency, you and your animal companion(s) may be on your own for several days, and your pets will be relying on you to help them through it. source

Pet Hares Morning Exercise.

Our pet hare playing and demonstrating her acrobatic skill in the morning. We found her when she was only 78 grams. She is still quite tame although she hates ... source

New Battle Pets in Patch 8.2

Preview of the water walking equipment slot and new battle pets coming in Patch 8.2. So far, 76 pets have been datamined but we'll have to wait and see how ... source

Having Pet Rats!

You requested it - more about my pet rats, specifically Bridget! Plus, the winner of the book giveaway! Kind Notes: 14000 Things To ... source

FYIKC Summer Pet Safety

Beat the heat by reviewing these safety tips and resources for you and your pet. Here are tips from the City of Kansas City, Missouri's Animal Health and Public ... source

A5170136 Tanner | Chihuahua

A5170136 Tanner is a dapper 6-year-old red-and-white neutered male Chihuahua mix who was adopted and returned to the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center ... source

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