DIY Dog Food Storage Container

DIY Dog Food Storage Container Idea. I love this idea! Perfect storage solution for that big, bulky bag of dog food that is taking up space in the closet. Source

Because Dogs lint roller hook

This cute little rustic sign is perfect for dog owners to hang near your front door so your lint roller will always be in reach to help rid your clothes of dog hair! Source

Pets as Family

Do you consider your pets as part of the family? Only feed them organic food, or pamper them with luxury products? Do you treat your pet like you would a child, ... source

How to make a Dog Leash Holder

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertisers. All opinions and comments are 100% mine, I only promote products I believe in. #FeedDogsPurina #CollectiveBias My dog ha… Source

DIY Dog Paw Balm Soothing Recipe

Cracked Dry Dog Paws Lickable Balm Recipe - Remember, our dogs are domesticated. They are charming little beasts but to be honest, they are soft. They are not wolves and many of them are not prepared to make a trek of miles and miles.…

Pet monkey babies

Warning....... Monkeys are not good pets. Yes, some can be quite sweet for a time, but the reality is that monkeys are capable of causing too much harm and ... source

Pet Preparedness

During an emergency, you and your animal companion(s) may be on your own for several days, and your pets will be relying on you to help them through it. source

Pet Hares Morning Exercise.

Our pet hare playing and demonstrating her acrobatic skill in the morning. We found her when she was only 78 grams. She is still quite tame although she hates ... source

For Animal People

Do you have an emergency plan for your pets in case you can't get back to them tonight? This is from Critter Cozy ( and a card like this one can save your dog's life if you're injured or hospitalized in an accident.…

New Battle Pets in Patch 8.2

Preview of the water walking equipment slot and new battle pets coming in Patch 8.2. So far, 76 pets have been datamined but we'll have to wait and see how ... source

Dock Hacks and Tips

Know how to save your dog’s life with these CPR and Heimlich Practices and Tips & Hacks For Your Dog ...that you wish you knew a long time ago on Frugal Coupon Living. Source

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